About the Artist

Artist Bio

A long-time resident of the Ocala Florida area, John Gamache has personal interest in creating bold, bright sculptures for the public to enjoy. He has been creating mixed media artwork since childhood and later focused on graphic design in high school. In the early 2000s, he began to create sculptures by commission. At CFCC, John took all available sculpture courses, eventually creating independent study courses which overlapped into the welding field. Once at the University of Florida as an engineering student, John negotiated some non-major electives through the Fine Arts Department. After completing all available sculpture classes at UF, he began teaching welding skills to fine arts students. Some artwork John helped to construct has been displayed at the Harn Museum in Gainesville. John plans to continue to create large-scale sculptures and is currently working on “Insitu” which will be completed January 2016.

John enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and interests in addition to his artwork. He is a private pilot, flies a Cessna, and dabbles in aerial photography.  John is also a Master Beekeeper (through UF), and manages 15 beehives. He mentors beginner beekeepers, currently working with three local people who are new to the hobby. John has volunteered with Farmer to Farmer in Nicaragua, helping with beekeeping projects in rural communities. He has also done beekeeping volunteer work with the Mayan community in Guatemala. He travels whenever he can and has been to 23 countries so far.


  • May 2013: read about the Tuscawilla Sculpture Competition
  • July 2013: “Lofted” entered in the Sculpture Competition
  • March 2014: “Lofted” won Best in Show
  • May 2014: “Lofted” purchased by Fine Arts for Ocala and was donated to the City of Ocala by FAFO, to be left in its original location at Tuscawilla Park
  • July 2014: “Florada” entered in the Sculpture Competition
  • March 2015: “Florada” won the People’s Choice Award
  • April 2015: Maquette of “Florada” installed at the Ocala Civic Theater on display and to advertise the sculpture competition.
  • May 2015: The Appleton Museum confirmed that “Florada” will be purchased and displayed permanently in the museum Sculpture Garden.
  • October 2015 Installed “Florada” in the Museum Sculpture Garden.
  • December 2015 Completed “Directional”